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Related article: Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 14:05:39 -0800 (PST) From: michaelkevin pittman Subject: adventures with my daddy part6This story is a work of fiction and the product of my dirty mind. Although some of the characters are based in fact, and some of the sexual situations really did happen, they didnt necessarily happen with the actual people that these characters are based on. This story is in no way meant to condone having sex with kids. Actually, alot of the stuff in these stories is actually what i wanted to happen to me when i was mike's age...If you are offended by incestuous sex between fathers and sons , or group sex, or watersports, you'd best stop reading now. If you are too young to be reading this, dont. it isnt meant for you.If you like what you read here and have comments or suggestions, you can write me at or look for me on yahoo messenger (mikekpbear) or on aol instant messenger (mickalbear53) Flames will be ignored, but you should beware of the mickalbear curse..... the last guy who had it invoked on him, lost his live in girlfriend to his (former) best Lolita Top Sites friend, then had his house sold out from under him, and then got arrested for peeing in public after drinking in a bar downtown all night... ADVENTURES WITH MY DADDY part6 After my first orgy, daddy and i ended up alone in the truck that night. We could have spent the night in Phil's little house, but i wanted some alone time with my daddy. Uncle Pete stayed in the house with Phil, and Ben and Ben's son Eddie. From what i heard later, it was a pretty hot night all around... I wanted to be alone with my dad because i had quite a few questions.... Like for instance, how come Eddie could get fucked but I hadn't yet? and the other thing that was on my mind, was that now that uncle Pete would be living with us, did that mean i had Lolita Top Sites to go back to sleepin alone?? the best part of going to sleep at night up until then , was snuggling up to my daddy's hairy chest, my little cock practically fucking my dad's belly button, ( we did that many times (later on) my daddy's belly button was so deep that i could put my whole cock into his belly button and fuck him there just like fucking an asshole) and my dad's big hand on my little butt inside my tightie whities (which i eventually stopped wearing all together except when my aunts were around) Daddy said i hadn't gotten fucked yet because he and uncle Pete didn't think i was ready for that yet, but he promised that when they did think i was ready, that daddy would be the first... Uncle Lolita Top Sites Pete would be with us also... afterall he was my godfather, and he was present the night i was conceived, and he was in the room the day i was born. As far as sleeping arrangements went, uncle Pete would have a bed, daddy would have a bed and i would have a bed, all in the same room. It was going to be my choice as to where i slept... i still had my own room besides. It all worked out very well eventually, we just pushed the beds all together and slept that way... When i got older, i eventually started sleeping in my own room, but up until then i either slept curled up next to my daddy or uncle Pete or sandwiched in between them... I fell asleep that night cuddled in my daddy's arm's feeling safe, and well loved... not to mention exhausted from all the sex we had that day. But before i fell asleep, i asked daddy if i could suck his cock. Daddy said i sure could (as a matter of fact i could suck it anytime i wanted, but first he had to pee. and he started to get up, to go outside the cab... I grabbed his hand and said I wanted it. But, i wanted him to go slow.. He told me he had an awful lot.. (most of it was recycled... he drained my bladder twice, plus uncle Pete's, plus he had sucked a whole butt load of Phil's piss from Ben's asshole just before we came out to the truck...) Daddy got over me on his hands and knees. I was lying on my back with my dad's cock in my mouth. He just let a little bit dribble out of his piss hole at a time. I nursed his cock like a baby bottle and drank everything he gave me... It took us almost an hour to get done. Then we switched places daddy put my cock and balls in his mouth all at once while i tried to get his cock as far down my throat as i could. He finally came ( I think for the fifth time that day) when i pulled my cock out of his mouth and squatted my little hole over his face. he forced what seemed like 5 or 6 inches of tongue up my asshole and blasted my tonsils... I had one of my usual dry orgasms ( i didn't start producing cum when i was 10 around about the same time i started getting hair around my little dick)... Then I fell asleep with my face up under my daddy's arm pit (man o man it smelled good) and his big hand was rubbing my ass... I woke up a couple of hours later... It was just starting to get light outside... the bed was warm still where my dad had been lying next to me, but I was alone... I had to pee so bad i could actually almost taste it. and i was hungry... So, I went off in search of my dad... I knew he wouldn't be in the building where i'd found him before, so I checked the all night diner that Phil had at the truckstop first...Annie the waitress was on... She told me dad had just been in there having a cup of coffee, and had gone into the shower room to get cleaned up. He was supposed to meet Phil, Ben and uncle Pete for breakfast soon. The mere mention of hot liquid had my poor little bladder "singing", so i went off in search of the shower room. Daddy was in there alright... he had his back to the door and was squatting down infront of some big tall trucker i had never seen before. when the guy saw me, he jumped and turned back towards the urinal saying something like OOPS! we got company!! My dad turned and saw it was me and told the guy not to worry , that I knew what was going on. The trucker took another look at me and said "nope not ready for some kid watchin me get a bj and started toward the door. the big bulge in his pants leading the way. Daddy said thats my son I told ya its ok. The trucker said man your sick! and ran out the door... Daddy just sort of grinned and said well... you win some you lose some... I told him I had to go pee.. So he said cmon over here mikey... He sat down on the toilet in the stall , told me to take off my shorts and stand on his knees. The stall was small enough, that once i got standing where daddy wanted me, Lolita Top Sites i could reach out with both hands and balance myself with the walls of the stall. " Let yer Fellah do his thing Mikey boy" he said.. I pissed all over my daddys chest and cock and when i was almost done daddy picked me up and put my cock in his mouth so he could get the last of it in his mouth... "Nothin I like better than the first piss of the day... especially if its recycled to begin with.. But i like it best of all cause its yours michael..." he said Daddy very rarely called me Michael but when he did it was always a special occaision...."We need to talk some more in a little while okay?" I nodded my assent and we headed back out to the diner for breakfast... Annie was laughing her head off when we got there ... She said that trucker took off like a bat out of hell! Then she asked my dad what he did to scare him... Daddy said he came out of the shower and saw him looking over the top of the stall at me while i was trying to pee. He said he mentioned casually to the guy that his son had a bashful bladder and didnt like being watched. He then said the guy got so scared he almost fell running out the door. Annie just laughed some more, and that was the end of that... Dad and I had breakfast waiting for the others to show up, and when we finished and they still werent there we decided (well actually he decided) to go over to Phil's house and see if they overslept. On the way over to Phil's I got to wondering what else dad wanted to talk about, so I asked him. He told me that he was a little worried about or "encounter" in the shower room with the trucker..."Michael (oh boy I thought to myself... this really is serious) sometimes you are going to run into people who arent going to like what we do... They aren't going to like that you and I have sex together for one thing, They arent going to like that you have sex with people who are the same sex either" I just want you to understand that, and that no matter what other people think, as long as no one gets forced into doing what they dont want, it isn't bad. Okay?" I told him everything was fine. I didnt care what anybody else thought, sex was fun not sick... Then I asked him if that was why he told Annie that story... He said that was part of it, but the other part was that Annie had known him for a long long time (even before he met my mom) So, she knew something had to have happened ..He just couldnt tell her it involved me- at least not yet- he had to talk to phil first... Annie knew that my dad (and Pete) had had sex with Phil when they were younger, but my daddy was 12 or 13 when he started with Phil and Tony... My being * 1/2 was probably too young in her eyes... They hadn't overslept at all... Turns out eddie had woken them up each in turn by licking their balls and assholes... when we walked in, Ben Pete and Phil were standing in the living room with hardons talking about who was going to fuck Eddie first. Daddy said i dont care who fucks him first, but i want whatever cum is in his asshole while you guys decide... He layed down right there on the floor and told Eddie to come over and sit on his face... Ben said he was eddie's dad, and he had the smallest dick of all of them, so he was going to fuck him first, then Pete, then my dad and because Phil had the biggest and thickest cock of all of them, he would get in his butt last. Phil said he liked that idea but he had to piss like a race horse first... which reminded me that I had to go too. so, Phil and I went off to the bathroom. On the way, I asked Phil if i could drink his piss... he said sure i could long as I gave him some too.... but he couldnt control it like my daddy could, so, if i couldnt keep up with him, to just let it pour out of my mouth.... Phil gave me a good dousing down my throat and all over me his piss stream was like a small hose and he sure had enough of it... I couldnt get my mouth over his whole cock if i wanted to anyway... It was just too big... Then he squatted down to my level and asked me to pee for him.... it was kinda funny watchin his adam's apple go up and down each time he swalloed one of my spurts. He had started playing with my asshole with his finger while I sucked him.... "don't get any ideas Phil!" i suddenly heard my uncle say. I know you were the first guy to fuck Bill and me, but Mike's ours. we're gonna be first and if and when he's ready he can decide to give your cock a try... but til then only tongues go in that hole... and maybe a little tickle with the finger... okay??" Phil just nodded, his mouth still over my little cock... when he got the last mouthful, he stood up and kissed uncle Pete and as he did he opened his mouth and let my piss drain into his mouth... They stood there like that for awhile swapping my piss back and forth , I was in my usual spot sandwiched between two hairy bellies, so i fucked each of their navels with my tongue. That got their attention. they looked down at me and smiled... My uncle Pete has always been very protective of me, as far as he was concerned he was just as much my father as my daddy was. and as far as my daddy and I were concerned he was right. Phil headed out to where the others were Pete squatted down so he was eye level with me... (whenever uncle Pete wanted to talk seriously with me he always came down to my level... he once said that it was because when he was a kid most adults always talked down to him and treated him like a little kid... he said he never wanted me to feel that way.) "Spook my little man ( spook, spookers, and spookamagook, were his pet names for me) I know you want to get a dick up your butt ... the day is comming I promise... but, you gotta promise me something ok??" I was raised with the knowledge that my uncle Pete's promises (especially to me) were as good as gold... and he expected the same from me.. so I knew something was up... "next week is the anniversary of the day you were concieved with yer mom by yer dad and me.." he said "Your daddy and I want your first fuck to be very special ok??" "So, I want you to promise me that nothing goes in yer little butt, but tongues, and maybe alittle finger diddlin... but nothin else til then ok?" I looked at him solemnly in the eyes (have I mentioned that my uncle Pete had the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen? i could get lost in them for hours sometimes- thats true today and uncle Pete is almost 90!) anyway, I looked him solemnly in the eyes and said " I promise uncle Pete... crss my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye..." (fully believing that if I went back on my promise, uncle Pete , with my permission would actually stick a needle in my eye...I know now he never would have ... but nonetheless... a promise was after all a promise...) Uncle Pete took my little hand in his big one and we walked back into the living room.... They were just finishing up.... Eddie was squatting over my dad's face and daddy was sucking all the cum that was up there out of his hole... Then we all got dressed and went back to the diner and had breakfast... Daddy, uncle Pete and I were leaving later that day to take the load that Phil had arranged for them to haul to New Mexico.The adventure continues..... I know i said to someone (who knows who he is) that this chapter was going to involve mike losing his cherry.... and i promise I'll get to that... but I want it to be special... and it will be...thanks for reading guys I hope you Lolita Top Sites continue to enjoy it...
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